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Marriage is not easy, don't let anyone (or yourself) tell you anything different!  It is a major feat to put the lives together of two very different people in this thing called MARRIAGE.  It is a rare individual who can (honestly) say they have not at some point thought that they may have made a mistake or have entertained thoughts of what it would be like to be "set free" from the stress of their marriage.  In the words of M. Scott Peck at the beginning of his book, "The Road Less Traveled", he said, "life is hard, once you accept that, then life gets easier".  Well, marriage is hard, once we accept that, marriage gets easier.

It would be nice if marriage was like this... (click on) Mr. & Mrs Wonderful 

Since marriage is not like "Mr. & Mrs Wonderful", it's important to learn the tools and information that can help you have the marriage you would want.

Do you know that there are four major "Danger Signs" to avoid, that if a couple does these it's like pouring poison into the relationship.  There are also "Six Hidden Issues" that strongly affect us, putting us in, what I call, the "dying-on-the-hill, defending-our-life, the-heck-with-it-I'll-go-down-with-the-ship" mode.  These are just a few things, if understood, can help a couple get in control of themselves and the relationship.

Too many times couples go to a counselor, and feel like all they are doing is paying someone to watch them fight.  I believe that marriage counseling should not be that, but something much better!

There is hope for your marriage, you just have to sometimes wait until the dawn. (click here)
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